Fling Review – Is This Casual Dating Website 100% Legit?

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Fling is one of the freest of rules dating sites around the world. Most people think that it’s quite good and allows finding entertainment for every person who is looking for it.

This dating site has been operating for 14 years. Its general reputation is considered quite positive. Although, probably, it is not a surprise that thousands of scammers also do their dirty work here, because the audience of this site is vast. According to the most conservative estimates, about 3 million people use Fling.com. Here men and women from all over the world are registered. However, according to site statistics, the most active users are from Russia, Australia, and the United States.

Fling Review

Since Fling is a dating site with a huge audience and a solid history, it should be a good idea to dwell separately on the main features of this portal.

It is advisable for a new user to immediately take into account that Fling is an adult site in all the meanings of these words. The administration of the portal supports the concept of the “sexiest” website on the Internet. You can easily exhibit nude photos, videos, and talk about your sexual feelings without hesitation. Fling, according to the creators of the portal, was created so that users can get acquainted with casual sex. Here you will find everything a bachelor needs – from rich photos and stories about sex to real girls who live in the video.

For users of this portal is considered the norm to share their sexual experiences, as well as talk about all kinds of perversions. They organize swinger parties and discuss it. They speak about BDSM and give each other recommendations.

Fling is a real virtual guide to sex life.

Registration: Make It Easy

Registration: Make It Easy

You are just in a couple of minutes from the beginning of this adventure if you decide to register. Registration on Fling.com is straightforward. All you need to start using the capabilities of this portal for dating is an email box, your zip code, age, and code name – your nickname. Yes exactly. This adult site does not use real names, but only nicknames, that choose by community members themselves. It is a beautiful plus that makes your stay and activity on the site confidential. You can feel protected.

However, as with all dating sites, Fling also has flaws. Perhaps the first big flaw that some users immediately notice is that Fling is not available in all countries of the world. If Fling is not supported in your country, the system will redirect you to another portal for the adult of the Global Personals Media family. It is called WebDate.com.

If you are lucky and Fling is supported in your country, in a few minutes after the start of the registration process, you will be able to use all the beautiful options of this portal. It is worth noting that the site is tolerant of the LGBT community, which becomes evident after you are invited to choose your potential partner preferred gender. To complete the registration process, the user needs to confirm an email address. To do this, click on the link in the letter sent by the Fling portal. However, without even confirming your email address, you can start your fascinating adventure in this world of virtual dating.

How to Start Conversation

The search function on the Fling website is free. You can search for potential partners by country of residence, age, as well as their sexual preferences.

A search function is available among those participants who are online at the time of the search.

You can also easily search for a potential partner among recently registered or popular users.

Of course, to send messages, you should purchase a paid subscription. Chat for communication between community members have an excellent technical basis – messages are sent instantly. It seems that your chat partner is near you. The free search function by various criteria is one of the main features of the Fling portal. Many dating portals offer users a search function without purchasing a paid subscription. Still, the list of search criteria is minimal. On Fling you can search for potential partners for free using criteria such as age, zip code, gender, preferences in choosing a sexual partner process, online status, availability of photos in their profile. You can also select a potential partner for the night among users whose accounts have already been confirmed by moderators. Also – you can choose an interlocutor among the participants who are currently broadcasting the video.

Profile Managing

Taken into account that the number of Fling users totals 3 million people, it is logical that the site has the interface of a standard social network. You can post your status as short text messages. You can let other participants know about your mood and what you are currently doing. Site administrators encourage the placement of nude photos. However, it is forbidden to post only a picture of the sexual organs instead of a person’s picture. It is recommended to fill out all sections of your profile as much as possible so that other users can explore the information about you. You indicate your age, gender, type of your physical complexion.

If you do not own a paid subscription at Fling, you cannot view photos of other users, their gallery, and additional information. The information you provided on your page can be changed at any moment by your decision.

Detailed profiles of participants are another exciting feature of Fling. Before writing to another client, you can explore the detailed information about him or her. In addition to the standard information that is filled on all adult sites, there are specific sections. For example, how much money the user earns. Where he or she lives and how many rooms have. Who is he or her by nationality and what race belongs to. And of course, the most important thing is what he or she is looking for on this site. You should be prepared for the fact that you will need to enter as much information as possible about yourself. Otherwise, you will be different from other users, but not in your favor.

It is worth noting that to view such detailed information about other users, you will have to purchase a paid version of the subscription.

Portal Design

The design of the Fling site is quite simple. Some users believe that it was worth making it more vivid, taking into account the popularity of the website.

However, the simplicity of the design can also be considered an advantage, as the user concentrates on the main thing – directly on dating.

The functions of the site and its modern technical engine compensate the insufficiently bright design. Experience suggests that sites with too colorful designs have other significant problems. At the same time, a beautiful background serves as a simple distracting maneuver.

Paid and Free Features

Like other adult portals, there are two types of accounts on Fling: paid and free.

A free account is a demo version, the primary purpose of which is to interest the user. On Fling you will find a large number of free features. They will allow you to familiarize yourself with the different types of audiences that use the site.

Fling provides an opportunity to register for free on the site and create an account. These are standard functions that will not attract anyone’s attention. But then the fun begins. A free opportunity to play the game Who is Cute is a real bonus from the moderators of the portal. Also, at Fling, you will find such a free feature that you will not find on other adult sites. You can see who visited your page and who liked your profile. So, the portal tries to make the level of your interest as high as possible and smoothly leads you to the purchase of a paid subscription.

Then the fun continues. After you are impressed by the fact that a lot of beautiful girls have visited your page, you will undoubtedly want to write to them. Oh, and so bad luck. The message sending function is available only to premium users.

In addition to the opportunity to write messages to other users, the premium status gives you the instrument to take part in video chats with other participants. Of course, such dialogue seems much closer to reality than simple textual correspondence. You will be able to find out closer to your virtual partner, and even, with the mutual desire to engage in virtual sex. It is also worth noting that you can view the profiles of other participants only after purchasing a premium subscription. Of course, without the slightest information about the person, it is difficult to judge whether you can become a couple, even if you talk about only one night.

There is another exciting option, available only to premium users. These are purchases at a local sex shop. Yes, the Fling portal has its sex shop. And users who have paid for a premium account can purchase items in it without leaving their home. Agree, it is more pleasant to buy items in a top sex shop, which is located next to the source of potential sex. So, Flings owners’ think in the same way.

Pricing Policy

The pricing policy of the Fling portal is quite flexible. It is designed for long-term cooperation with users of the site. That is why there are several options for paid subscriptions. The longer you want to get a premium status on the site, the more profitable the offer looks.

If you want to get premium status for just one month, you will have to pay $34.95. It seems like a very high price. However, the site encourages those users who choose paid subscriptions for a more extended period. A paid premium account for six months will cost you only $69.95. That is $11.65 in one month. A 12-month subscription costs only $118.80 and that is $9.90 in one month. It is a significant saving when compared with the tariff of $34.95 for one month.

VIP Options

VIP Options

It’s no secret that free features on the Fling portal are limited. Basically, they are intended to interest members of the community in acquiring a paid subscription. Advanced users say that a paid subscription justifies the money that was spent on it.

Sex video chat

Definitely, those users who paid for a subscription on the site, want to receive something more than text messages from girls. They want to see their interlocutor and Fling gives them such an opportunity. Communication via video chat is a priority way of communication between participants who paid for a subscription on the site. Even virtual sex often occurs between such participants, and they can arrange a meeting in real life after.

Live girls from Fling

This website has a contract with the company that arranges the live broadcasts. It allows girls with Fling to communicate with clients using a webcam. It is a paid service provided by the Fling platform. This option is available exclusively to those users who have purchased a paid subscription. You can talk with a girl, say about your desires, ask her questions, and even ask for advice.

Premium content

Smart users can even make money on the Fling portal. It is possible to sell your intimate photos and videos.

Sex shop on the website

On the Fling’s site, you can buy sex toys and DVDs for adults, as well as clothes for sexual entertainment. It is a completely anonymous feature that will not appear on your credit card statement as a visit to a sex shop.

Fling also offers to play the game ‘Who is cute’ and evaluate the profiles of other users. The site also has many other functions. Moreover, portal administrators are very confident in their project. They promise to renew three months paid subscription for free for those who did not find a partner on the site during three months of using the service.