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AsiaMe Review – How to Meet Asian Girls Online?

AsiaMe Review – How to Meet Asian Girls Online?
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 4 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Worldwide coverage. If the number matters, when it's time to look, make Asiame.com login and explore who is waiting there for you. Four million users already got proof of the simplicity of online dating, and it sounds very encouraging. Imagine that nearly the population of New Zealand is registered on Asiame.com and waiting out there exactly for you.
  • Asian beauties. This service specifically designed for men who are looking for a date and more with an Asian looking girl. Happy to ensure that most female users are joining the website from China, Thailand, and Vietnam, and their number is growing day by day.
  • Both for fun and serious relationship. AsiaMe gathers mostly single users. After the registration, man can get thousand of profiles to consider, but for those who are looking for long-lasting relationships, Asian girls dating sites offer specifically designed questionnaires. They help to find out the best match based not only on appearance and age but also hobbies, tastes, education, professional and personal interest, etc.
  • Security. AsiaMe users are coming from very different backgrounds, and of course, the service honors the decision of users for their privacy. All users are ensured that their personal data will not transfer to any third party. On the other hand, all the users are passing the authentication: the user must confirm an email, phone, and id. The information about completed authentications are available in the profile, so all the users can see it and ensure that the person from the other side of the monitor is not a scammer.
  • Affordability. Asian girls dating sites can be downloaded absolutely with no charges and available for most commonly used operating systems. Many services are available for free, but even paid services are coming at minimum pricing, so pretty much everyone can enjoy service and find the right dating match for them. 
  • Ten times more men when women. Due to very strict moderation and meeting the service goals, only women with the obvious Asian descent can become members of the services, and it is easier for men to sign up as they don't have any restrictions to register. Despite such a ration still, men get dozens of requests and emails every day.
  • Not explicitly completed profiles. AsiaMe doesn't make it users to fill out the whole story of their life, only short and up to point information required to proceed. This is not a place to read a long read or somebody's memories.
  • Some additional services to pay for. All users who want to benefit from extra features Asian chatting room should open up their wallets. It's expected for everyone who has ever used such services. But the good news is that the entry barrier is absolute with no strings attached; therefore, all users can check the interface and demography of the service free of charge.
  • Fraudsters. As on any online platform, there happen some people with the intentions which do not correspond with the goals and purposes of the website. And the responsibility here lies users itself: be careful with sharing any personal data with the people you don't know, especially passwords and access to credit card information.
  • Target on Asian females only. Apparently, the brand name speaks for itself – this service specifically created to offer communication with the representatives of Asian nationalities there Asian girls dating, so if you expect to find a woman from other countries than China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore – this is not the right place for you.

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Asiame.com is the right place to start an online adventure in the world of love and fun. Dream of becoming one of the four million community members and find the best match for your perfect date? AsiaMe is a worldwide platform to provide dating services. Despite its outstanding coverage, it is a safe, affordable, and unique combination of technologies and a variety of services. But research never harmed anybody, so you’d better read to AsiaMe reviews before you start. 

Asiame.com is the right place to start an online adventure in the world of love and fun. Dream of becoming one of the four million community members and find the best match for your perfect date? AsiaMe is a worldwide platform to provide dating services. Despite its outstanding coverage, it is a safe, affordable, and unique combination of technologies and a variety of services. But research never harmed anybody, so you’d better read to AsiaMe reviews before you start.                      

Asian Girls Dating Sites: User 360-degree View

Asian Girls Dating Sites: User 360-degree View

Profiles of AsiaMe users are very different: people of any age and profession with different hobbies and interests are coming here to meet Asian looking women. Below it is possible to check the detailed profiles of who already took advantage of the                                  

Meet Asian Girls: What Kind Of Specifics Should Be Taking Into Account

Asiame.com attracts a very specific audience. It consists of the men, looking for a female from Asian countries. Therefore, the website has some restrictions when it comes to approval of accounts for ladies from America and Europe – only representatives of Asia are welcome.

Asian Girls Dating Sites Area Coverage

This dating service is available worldwide and legitime in any spot of the Earth, but the geography representation is not equal for all the geographies:

  • Men – Men were luckier, and there are no restrictions for them to accept to the AsiaMe club. It’s worth to admit, the resource is very popular among US users, and it counts for more than 700K of them. But also, the website has a wide representation of European male users as well.
  • Women – It already mentioned a few times that a woman has to Asian in order to join the AsiaMe website, so when it comes to geography women, from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore are the most active users of dating services.

What Nationalities Are Presented?

What Nationalities Are Presented?

Of course, east people are the majority of users. Asian women and men are the most active visitors to the dating portal. But many white guys are registered to it. The age range of males is much wider: men from 18 up to 60+ rfind their love among Asian beauties. 

How Old Are the Uers?

AsiaMe accepts the request only from people aged above 18, and there is no upper limegularly join the platform and talking about females, the service is popular mostly among the women aged between 24-35.

Gender Equality Among Users

Looking at the gender structure of the portal bias towards men is easy to notice. There are ten men for one lady, but such a big ratio still allows him or her to choose from the wide range of offers and to get the perfect match.

Strait Or Not: Who Is Visiting Asian Girls Dating Sites

No offense and discrimination, AsiaMe are open for everyone, but typically this service is used by men and women with heterosexual orientation, who are looking for some cultural diversity.

How to Get Onboard: Asiame.com Login?

How to Get Onboard: Asiame.com Login?

Every new service takes some time to get used to and look around, but AsiaMe is very user friendly with a nice and convenient interface. The whole registration process, as well as moderation, is very straightforward and usually takes no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Information You’ll Have To Provide

The application is very simple and consists of some basic data, including your personal data like birthday, name, location, preferences. To get a better match is advised to fill in a short form where the information about hobbies, lifestyle, and interests can indicate.

How To Pass the Verification

While the registered user will be asked to provide an email address. This is important as the email will be used for verification, so pay attention, whether it is correctly written. Also, the system will ask you to agree with the terms and conditions, don’t forget to put a sign; otherwise, the registration will be denied.

How Long Does It Take To Be Approved

The process is very simplified, and approval takes just a few minutes as it is an automated process. The main condition is to indicate the correct email.

AsiaMe Account Visibility

AsiaMe Account Visibility

Profiles consist only of specific information about you, your interests, and preferences. There is also room for a paragraph where you can tell more about yourself. If you’re not very good at writing, you can choose the tags that best fit your description or use the automatic recording feature on the site. The system then generates a well-written paragraph about you, which contains all the tags you choose. 

AsiaMe: What Should Be Identify In Profile

Most of the information in your profile you can edit. The only thing you can’t change is the tags you entered during registration (date of birth, first and last name, nationality, gender, and relationship status). After completing your profile, you will receive free vouchers or points, which you can use as an alternative to credits. Let’s sum up it again:

  • First and last name
  • Birthday
  • Location
  • lGender
  • Relationship status


  • Preferences
  • Interest
  • Anything which can describe your personality.    

How to Find a Match with AsiaMe

How to Find a Match with AsiaMe

Immediately after creating the account, you will be offered the option to search for the match: the basic and smart. They differ by the number of parameters, and in most cases, a basic search will give a wide range to choose from.

On the opposite, if you are picky or have special preferences and get an advantage out of smart search after signing up, a form will appear with questions about your perfect match. In this form, you should specify your ideal age, hobbies, educational achievements, etc.

When you are very selective about your match options, you should determine whether you are prepared to meet women with kids. It is crucial to respond to this form so that the feedback system can offer you the best advice on partner choice. It is possible to modify these settings at any time by switching to «Smart Matches. » 

How To Filter Users With a Basic Filter?

On this form only general requirements can be specified:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Marital status

How To Filter Users With Smart Filter?

Good news is that smart search is also free and here you can search by adding and removing different criteria like:

  • Education
  • Interests
  • Hobbies, etc

In case you have very specific requirements, you can adjust them to your profile anytime at no cost.

Matching Process

Matching Process

After all the search requirements applied on the main page, you will see the list of profiles that match your search criteria. You can also filter only new users if you are a frequent user and looking for someone new. The next step is to initiate communication.

How To Start Chatting

The diversity offered on the website makes it hard to choose the right from the thousands. Therefore all the users are provided with some robust features of communication: choose one based on your character and importance in getting to know another person.

Communication offers

  • Asian chat room – the most popular way of communication, which allows exchanging instant messages;
  • CamShare – basically allows you to see another person and to ensure that he or she is real, advised for sufficient communication;  
  • EMF Mail – standard email exchange option, it allows to extend the length of your message and include pictures, video and online gifts;

Alternatively, another exceptional way of communication is to send gifts and flowers. You can do this by buying an item you like in the «Gifts and Flowers» section of AsiaMe. The site will then make arrangements to process your order and deliver it to your lover’s address. Virtual gifts are also available. In case you like animated pictures feel free to use them to communicate the Asian chat.

Is AsiaMe: Stays on the Safe Side?

Is AsiaMe: Stays on the Safe Side?

Online dating is a very sensitive and touchy question, and definitely, no one wants their information to be shared with another. Also, Asian girls dating includes paid services where the credit card is required, and this requires special attention. Additionally, advised to create a strong password and keep up with cyber hygiene generally.  

How AsiaMe Protects the Data

AsiaMe provides outstanding security services that combat fraudulent behavior and suspicious accounts that may threaten the reputation and rights of their members. Read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure what you agree to. When it comes to photos and videos, this data should also be protected. Therefore before sharing, ensure that you rely upon the person you chat with.

Can a Scammer Be Approved To Use Site?

All members of the site are verified. Registered members are required to submit a copy of their personal data and an application form, which requires and allows their profiles to be publicly available. This minimizes the number of scammers, but the website administration still encourages all the members to be careful in communication.

Moderation Process On AsiaMe

All women’s applications checked carefully. Although the criteria for men are not as strict as for women, men’s accounts also checked to make sure they are reliable.

Asian Girls Dating: Cares about the Customer

The support team is always here for you via email. Should you have a technical issue or complaint, just drop a line on the email. Support usually replies within a business day and delivers a proper issue resolution. For any other questions, there is a very detailed FAQ section.

Interface the Website

Besides all the benefits of this dating service, the website is very modern and easy to use. What is even more important is that it is simple and ensures an easy customer journey.

Desktop Or App: What Offers AsiaMe

For the user’s convenience AsiaMe available both for Android and IOS so all the users can search for the date any time any place. The Mobile version has all the same features as the regular website, and it can download for free.

The Cost of Membership

The Cost of Membership

Dating services that are free of often charge turn out to be fake and are designed to make you spend money on non-existent women. When dealing with safe and high-quality service, you have to be ready to pay for it. Users of Asian dating sites have to buy Qpid Credits to use the communication service of the site. They are bought for real money.

AsiaMe: What Do You Get For Free?

  • Account creation
  • Use of advanced search filters
  • Uploading a profile photo
  • Browse the profiles of all members
  • Access to quick customer service
  • Access to safety and security systems

What Do You Get To Pay For?

  • Bonus points for sending the first love letters
  • Free chat with new members
  • Unlimited viewing of members’ photos
  • Priority response of the customer service department
  • Gifts and flowers
  • Video chat, phone calls, and live chat

The fee differs depending on the selected package. The more credits included in the package, the lower is the cost of 1 credit.

That is why the price can range from $4 to $8 per credit. However, look at how many credits you have to spend to communicate with a girl.

What Do You Get To Pay For?
  • 5 minutes of conversation costs 0.5 credit
  • 1 CamShare charges 0.6 credit
  • 1 cost of delivery 1 credit

To keep it short, where at best you learn a little about each other and send 20 messages on the average, will probably come at the cost of $12 – $24. That’s just the amount of communication. An additional 1.5 credit pay for every picture sent or viewed. So, as one can see, chatting with the girls on this site is not inexpensive. Can spend one hundred dollars in one hour without finding one potential friend or soulmate.

How to Delete Your Profile with AsiaMe

When you no longer need to use the service, no one will oblige you to keep up with using the website any longer. You can delete all the history and your personal data simply by confirming an action in your personal account



If you are looking for a modern way to meet a soulmate or just someone for fun chat online, you definitely need to pay attention to Asian girls dating sites. Asiame.com allows men from all over the world to meet Asian women and spend a pleasant time with them online. Meet Asian girls by using robust service, including a modern interface, data security, and a variety of communication options. AsiaMe can ensure that all the users passed the authentication, and it is safe and secure to stay online.

A flexible search engine will allow creating a match even for those who have a very high-level expectation. Reviews of the users show that many people managed not only to spend time in a nice manner but also to find a person to spend a life with. AsiaMe is not just another dating app but a social project to fight loneliness. So if you are looking not only for entertainment but also for a more serious relationship, this is the right investment of your money and time. 

In order to provide decent communication AsiaMe charges its users, but in return, you get a secure and sophisticated environment to meet someone online and spend time with this person, get to know each other and keep in touch. AsiaMe holds a decent place in the industry of online dating and gathered around 4 million of users worldwide around the idea to meet someone online. Are you searching dating a young lady or attempting to locate your genuine affection through long haul dating? You will undoubtedly run into somebody of your on the Asiame.com.

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