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HotOrNot Review: How Does It Differ From Other Dating Websites?

HotOrNot Review: How Does It Differ From Other Dating Websites?
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Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration on the site is not difficult; it is possible to go through it quickly enough.
  • Women can try HotOrNot for three days for free.
  • All Internet users can view HotOrNot participants' pages, regardless of whether they are members of the community or not.
  • It is possible to add photos from the Facebook account automatically.
  • At HotOrNot, at least one million people are online all the time.
  • The percentage of fake pages is limited because of strict control.
  • The majority of features on the site are free-based.
  • There is a reward system for inviting friends.
  • The support service helps and works 24/7.
  • For men, registration is more complicated; a 3-day free trial is not available for them.
  • At HotOrNot, there is a limited number of features in the free version.
  • The disproportionate ratio of men and women on the site; the number of men is much higher.
  • It is difficult and time-consuming to delete the account from the website.
  • When the participants use the mobile application, they cannot see their scores.

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HotOrNot website is a rating-based site. From the very beginning, it did not position itself as a dating service. It was created for people who pursued different goals. For some, this is an opportunity to make friends. Others are here to chat. People are also looking for meetings and relationships. The main essence and idea is the assessment of the participants’ photos. Some users characterize this service as a hot or not picture game. But this assessment was not created to offend or annoy somebody. Fun was the initial purpose of this service. Together with this, it has allowed to find a buddy, a friend, or to make flirt or love. The site will never be annoying for its users.

Hot or not reviews allow us to understand that this website was launched twenty years ago. Two university students from California, James Hong and Jim Young, decided to create something new to evaluate their group mates and other students. The first title of the website was “Am I Hot or not.” Nowadays, there remained only the last three words, which characterize the service as excellent as the previous title. Fortunately, the idea remained the same as well. So, if you want to know how hot are you, download your photos to HotOrNot and receive assessment points from 1 to 10. This idea caught the interest of many people. Nowadays, the number of users reaches five hundred million people worldwide. Members of the community are sitting in front of their desktops or with their smartphones in hot or not app and try to have fun either alone or together with their friends.

Members Structure of the Community

Hot or not dating attracts the attention of 478 million people from all over the world. One of the reasons for it is that the site is successful for about twenty years on the dating services market. Almost half of the registered users (165 million members) are residents of the United States. Every day, at least 1 million people visit the site. It is because representatives of all time zones visit Hot or not daily. The number of men is 20 percent greater than women.

Which Specific Does the Website Have?

Which Specific Does the Website Have?

Initially, the main idea of the site was to evaluate and rate photos uploaded by users. Later, multiple functions were added that changed the site’s targeting and made it specifically a site for meeting people. Now, the community members can evaluate photos of other participants and get a rating for their photos. Chatting and messaging features, which are present here, facilitate dating purposes of HotOrNot. Also, it is possible just to have fun here and understand how hot are you in the eyes of another gender.

Places of Residence of the HotOrNot Subscribers

The site is available for use in all countries throughout the world. Nevertheless, approximately half of its participants are from the United States. This fact is quite understandable since HotOrNot was initially created by the Americans. The second-largest group of subscribers is the residents of the United Kingdom. The number of users from other regions is increasing. The site does not have a specific orientation. Here, it is possible to meet the representatives of different sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, and other distinctive features.

The Representatives of Which Ethnicity Comprise the Bulk Here?

Many people from all over the world, belonging to different ethnic groups, are users of the site. At HotOrNot, there are representatives of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The majority of them are Americans, as was noted above in this hot or not review. A significant number is composed of Europeans. The rest are Canadians, Australians, and Latin Americans. The serendipitous moment is the possibility of choosing an interface in many languages.

Which Age is the Most Frequently Met at HotOrNot?

Hot or not dating attracts the attention of different age groups. The largest percentage of men and women on the site are among 25-34 years old. In the second place, there are participants aged 18-24 years old. The members of older ages are represented by less number of participants. In addition to many other filters, the site allows its users to select age limits for the search. It also indicates the age of the desired partner, from the smallest to the largest.

Who Vanquish at the Gender Competition Here?

Almost all hot or not reviews underline that men are the predominant gender here. In a percentage ratio, the numbers are 60 for men and 40 for women. The greatest number of all the participants is from 25 to 34 years old.

The Rate of Sexual Minorities among the Residents

The Rate of Sexual Minorities among the Residents

Hot or not dating is oriented more to people of traditional sexual orientation. When registering and indicating the gender, the site will automatically select people of the opposite sex for search. Although registration is not forbidden for the members of the LGBTQ community, they just might not find what they need on this site.

You Want to Become a Member of HotOrNot: How to Sign Up

First of all, it is necessary to understand the purpose of registration here: chatting, dating, or making new friends. At HotOrNot, the signing up process is more than easy. It is necessary to enter the name and surname, date of birth, and place of residence. For making the signing up process easier, it is possible to use any of social media platforms, which are friendly to Hot or not dating website. From the Facebook account, it may take some general data and several photos. If not using social media, all the data needs to be entered manually.

The Information, Which Is Obligatory to Be Mentioned

Registration on the HotOrNot is free and will not cause any inconvenience. There are two ways to register: the first means registration from scratch and the second utilizes the social media networks. For the first option, it is needed to fill in the fields with basic information about the person, including age, nickname, e-mail address, and uploaded photos. When registering with the help of a Facebook account, most of the information (including several recent photos) will be taken from there. Hot or not login includes a password, which the member should create.

Does Website Provide Verification of the Profiles?

If you are not registering through a social network, you may need to verify your identity via e-mail. The site will offer you to do this, and a link will go to your mail; by clicking on it, you will return to the site as an already confirmed user. It is also possible to verify the personality with the help of the following networks and other means: phone number, accounts from Google, Facebook, VKontakte, OK, Twitter, or Instagram. The other interesting way to verify personality is by verifying the photo. For this, the website asks to upload photos in some exact pose (full face, profile, etc.). After this, the users may be engaged in hot or not picture game. Also, there is an option at HotOrNot to chat only with verified users.

How Long Will You Have To Wait for Verification?

At HotOrNot, verification of the identity using Google or social networks takes only a couple of minutes because everything happens automatically. A little longer is a situation with verification using a photo because the website’s moderator is involved in this process.

How Does the HotOrNot Account Look Like?

How Does the HotOrNot Account Look Like?

Creating an account on HotOrNot is very simple. It requires filling in the following information: nickname on the site, date of birth, location, gender, an indication of the purpose why you are here, and of course, a password. After that, it is necessary to confirm the personality in one of several mentioned above ways and upload a photo. In the future, users can easily edit their profiles and add any information. Also, the users should set filters for the search at their discretion, and they can use the site. Other HotOrNot users will be able to view all the information about each account, send messages to each other, vote for photos, and much more.

What Information Is Highlighted in the HotOrNot Profile?

Hot or not dating website is rather detailed. Each user’s profile contains lots of information about its owner. Users can upload an unlimited number of photos, which other members of the community can rate. Each user decides whether the photos on the profile are private or public. For being more attractive to other members, the users can upload videos about them. There, they can perform and represent themselves better. The pictures from each profile can be visible to other members for free. At the same time, it is possible to see each profile’s rating during the day and how it changes. Some additional information about the profile will be found in the design and usability section of this hot or not review.

How to Start Searching at HotOrNot?

The Hot or not dating website provides a large number of options and tools for searching. It is possible to see people who are close to you, those who came to your profile, who liked you, and a list of the most popular participants. The system offers profiles randomly. But you can set gender, age, and desired location. There is also a feature of “people near you.” With its help, users can quickly arrange a personal meeting.

Which Searching Opportunities Do Free-Based Accounts Have?

If you would like to know how hot are you, but you are a free user, it is possible to use some search options, such as find people near you. These features are limited, but they are enough to use the site.

All the Distinctive Features of the Search at Fee-Based Accounts

A paid subscription at HotOrNot gives the users more search options, such as returning to users you mistakenly rejected or including their interests or body features. The paid subscription raises the user’s page in the list, enabling more people to find a fee-based profile.

Does the Website Help In Finding Matches Here?

Does the Website Help In Finding Matches Here?

On the left side of the HotOrNot website, there is a match menu item. It demonstrates a list of profiles with whom the users get mutual likes.

The First Steps In Launching the Communication

For starting communication with a certain profile, it is necessary to be matched with the user. This option requires being a fee-based subscriber at Hot or not dating website. But women can send messages for free without obligatory payment. The great advantage of fee-based accounts is that they can choose to chat only with verified users. In such a way, they minimize contact with scammers.

Does Chat’s Interface Facilitates in Communication?

A hot or not search allows one to find appropriate people for communication. The chat looks like any other chat on any social media platform. There, it is possible to send many stickers to any occasion and write messages. There is also an opportunity for video chat, but only with those profiles you have already communicated with.

Who Cares About Safety Issues at HotOrNot?

Hot or not dating website is severely moderated. It has a reputation for the website with a high level of protection. Moreover, the majority of the profiles are verified.

How is Data Privacy Committed at This Website?

There is the confidence that users’ data is under reliable protection. A lot of attention is paid to this moment. Your personal information cannot and will not be shared with third parties.

Are There Many Fake Profiles?

As elsewhere, fraudulent profiles exist, but their number in comparison with other websites is minimized. Most profiles are verified in one way or another. It provides significant confidence in the subscribers.

Steps Taken by HotOrNot to Cope with Fake Profiles

For the security at the HotOrNot, it is recommended not to share personal information and credit card details. If you become a victim of fraudulent activities, you need to inform the moderators for further action and resolving the problem. As a rule, such profiles are deleted.

Is Support Department Active in This Community?

Is Support Department Active in This Community?

At hot or not app, the support department is working at a high level. Having reported a problem, users do not need to wait long for the answer. They respond quickly, which facilitates the solution of any issue.

Is This Community Easy to Use?

Convenience in using the HotOrNot dating community is at the highest level. Everything is done as simple and thoughtful as possible. The design is concise and understandable, even to non-professional users. The site has a clear white background. On the left side, there is the logo of the site in blue and red. Under it, there is a profile photo in miniature and the level of popularity. Below the photo, it is easy to find a menu that includes: matches, people who are not far from you, messages, people you might like, visitors of your page, and favorite profiles.

In the center of the page, there is an option to add more photos and control your rating by looking at the indicator of popularity. Below all this, users can specify additional information such as education, occupation, interests, and others. The user’s location is shown on the map. HotOrNot always reminds when the profile is not filled. Also, there is a panel indicating who you are looking for. A panel is located with a designation of your hobbies. Everyone can write a description of themselves up to one thousand characters. There are also other facts about whether users are in a relationship, whether they have children, their weight, height, eye color, smoking, and drinking habits.

In the upper right corner, there are three menu buttons: view profile, gallery, and settings. On the left, under all this, the website shows how the user confirmed his or her profile. Also, at the very bottom, users can choose the site language with many options for convenience.

The Platforms on Which HotOrNot Is Available

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market. All the necessary features of the HotOrNot are present in the mobile application. The application is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. But there, the users cannot see profiles’ scores. Also, switching to a premium account is easier when using the desktop version.

Types of Subscription

Types of Subscription

Even though the majority of features at HotOrNot are available for free members, there is also a fee-based membership. It has more advanced features and makes the use of the service easier.

What Opportunities Does a Free User Have at HotOrNot?

At HotOrNot, a lot of actions can be done for free. Thus, it is possible to create an account and upload as many photos as the user wishes. At the same time, they can view the photos of others. Also, it is allowed to search for other profiles and get matched with them. Those who received mutual likes can provide communication.

Advantages Represented by Fee-Based Accounts

As premium members, users can enjoy the same features as free-based accounts and additional ones. Premium users can look through other accounts anonymously. If you rated someone negatively, it is possible to undo such a vote. The fee-based accounts are shown more frequently in search results. They also can use stickers in chats and send gifts. Their hot or not picture game is more interesting.

How Much Is It on HotOrNot?

Hot or not dating website offers its members to buy premium subscription or credits. Everything depends on the desire of the subscriber. The full subscription provides the members with all the features. With credits, the user can buy only those features, which are interesting for them. The site can be considered cheap. The longer the duration of subscription – the lower the price will be. It can vary from 13 USD per month to 8 USD per month when buying a half-year subscription. When buying credits, the price will be 2 USD per 100 credits.

Is It Possible to Terminate the HotOrNot?

Is It Possible to Terminate the HotOrNot?

If you no longer want to know how hot you are, it is possible to delete an account. This procedure is not difficult. For this, it is needed to confirm your identity and then click the “delete account” tab and follow the pop-up instructions.

Which Conclusion Can Be Made About This Dating Website?

The site is very versatile and user-friendly. Often, hot or not search brings lots of fun to its users. Many functions make using pleasant and unobtrusive. The protection system is top-notch. The site can be safely recommended to friends, and receive bonuses for it. This website will be interesting for those who want to try hot or not picture games and have real fun and pleasant emotions.

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