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LoveAndSeek Review: A Real Chance for Christians to Find Happiness

LoveAndSeek Review: A Real Chance for Christians to Find Happiness
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 500 000
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A friendly Christian community uniting two countries
  • Minimum inactive accounts
  • Affordable subscription
  • Effortless navigation
  • Responsive team
  • Only caters to US and Canadian singles
  • Almost no means of communication for free users
  • No refunds whatsoever
  • A poorly-developed app
  • The design is a little outdated

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Love and Seek com is a life-changing solution for all Christian singles out there. We all hope to find love eventually. While some people can agree to a one-night stand to soothe their loneliness for now, for a good Christian, it is not an option. Several types of relationships are possible before committing, like friendship and pen palling. But have you tried to find that online on a standard dating platform? Irritating users with questionable intentions keep bombarding you with indecent suggestions and comments. No, people whose hearts are full of faith need a more calming environment. There, they can meet those who share their values and want similar things. Do you agree? If so, LoveAndSeek is precisely the site for you to visit!

Site’s Audience Structure

Site’s Audience Structure

More than half a million devoted Christians have trusted LoveAndSeek, and new members keep joining. Every day, there are over a dozen thousands of active members online, so there is always someone to chat with. One of the outstanding details about LoveAndSeek’s audience is that it is regularly renewed. Here, people are after marriages, not some one-time affairs. So, when they meet someone special, they don’t need anyone else. And they leave for good. New singles come in their place to create a family of their own. If you are in search of someone to cherish for all your life, this site awaits you.

Who Are the Target Audience?

LoveAndSeekis the place where Christian people meet for love and friendship. It caters to more than twenty denominations. So, you have a chance to meet someone whose religious background is really close to yours.

LoveAndSeek Audience: Geography

LoveAndSeek is targeting a narrow audience, not just in terms of religion, but geographically, too. Almost all members come from the United States. Some are from Canada.

LoveAndSeek Audience: Ethical Background

This site doesn’t take any ethnic niche in the market. So, its ethnic pool is as diverse as the American and Canadian Christian community.

LoveAndSeek Audience: Age Groups

It is possible to join LoveAndSeek as soon as one turns 18. A younger age group (18-25) is not overpopulated. Most people here are between 25 and 45 years old. There are people older than that, too. But their number barely reaches 10% of the whole audience.

LoveAndSeek Audience: Gender Ratio

One of the undeniable perks is that the number of men equals the number of women here. This may sound like a miracle for other services, but it only proves that LoveAndSeek is not a simple matchmaking site. It is a community of sensible people who understand that creating a family is one of their predestinations. Besides, they see the benefits of online dating, because today we rarely have time or opportunity to date offline. These things are crystal clear for both genders, so they are equally eager to join, and neither of them prevails. The lack of gender imbalance on LoveAndSeek eliminates any vain competition typical on other platforms.

LoveAndSeek Audience: Sexual Preferences

This website is for straight men and women who wish to meet Christian single parents of the opposite gender.

Getting Started: LoveAndSeek Sign Up

Getting Started: LoveAndSeek Sign Up

To start enjoying LoveAndSeek features, you need to make four simple steps. Creating an account is the first one. This won’t take more than 5 minutes. A few questions will pop up on your screen, leading you through the registration process quickly and smoothly. So, your very first loveandseek.com login will not take you long.

Registration: Information to Submit

In the popup windows we have mentioned above, you need to indicate:

  • Your gender
  • The country of residence – the US or Canada only
  • Zipcode
  • Username you would like to use on the site
  • Denominated password
  • Your date of birth
  • And a current email address.

After this step is completed, you can write a short paragraph about yourself. It can describe your personality, interests, hobbies, potential soulmate, expectations from this online dating experience, etc. Remember that it can’t be longer than 1,250 characters. Everything you write here can be changed whenever you like.

How to Verify Your Profile

You don’t need to verify your profile on LoveAndSeek. This site doesn’t support email verification. But one can’t use their profile until certain fields are filled out, and there is a photo. It will just remain invisible to others.

Does Getting Approved Take Long?

Once you upload your photo, you’ll be suggested (but not forced) to subscribe and welcomed to start your search. That’s it, and no additional steps are to be taken.

LoveAndSeek Account Overview

LoveAndSeek Account Overview

An average account on Love and Seek website is not informative. It provides you with minimum facts about someone to make a quick decision of whether you have a chance with this person or not. The paragraph about one’s personality will make this decision more grounded, if they have bothered to write it, of course.

LoveAndSeek Profile Structure

A Love and Seek profile looks a lot like a social media one. A user’s picture is large and, usually, clear. Users can upload thirty photos, which partly compensates for the lack of information they have to provide. Below, you see one’s gender and the status telling about their goals on the site.

The next section is dedicated to profile details. It includes About, Photos, and Our History tabs. In the first one, you can find out about a person’s age, occupation, appearance, denomination, if they have kids, and what relationship they seek.

Three questions in the next section will tell you more about this person’s views on relationships. Here they should describe where they see their ideal date and the one they want to meet. Besides, they can give you more to think of in the ‘I’d just like to add’ paragraph.

So, as you can see, a profile is quite concise, but it contains a number of icebreakers to make the very first step.

LoveAndSeek Search Tools

This website’s search features can all be found in a special tab. Here, you can see ‘Who viewed me,’ ‘Search,’ ‘Username,’ ‘Online now,’ ‘Keyword,’ and ‘Birthday.’ All of them are reliable ways to find someone interesting to chat today and, maybe, date in the future.

Basic Search Filters

Conventional search is available for both free and paying members, and this is definitely the first thing you should try. You can sort users out by the basic profile details or use a keyword to search for a particular characteristic in the corresponding tab.

Searching one by their username in only effective if you know exactly who you are looking for. ‘Birthday’ search is controversial, too. You may search for someone who was born on the same day as you, for example. Or someone who is celebrating today to congratulate them and, this way, start a conversation easily. But remember that you never know when your true soulmate was born, so don’t put too much hope into this tool.

Advanced Search Opportunities

Check out ‘Who viewed me,’ that is people who have recently visited your profile page. This might not be the most certain way to find a 100% suiting person. On the other hand, they viewed your profile for a reason. Maybe, they liked your photo, or your profile popped up in their Matches. This can mean that they are your match, too.

You can sort out people who are online now of all searching results immediately. It is quite handy if you have time to chat with someone right now.

How You Get Matched

How You Get Matched

Searching here is pretty simple, but you don’t even have to do it if you don’t want to. Every day, the system will show you today’s instant matches based on all the information you have submitted to your page, as well as your potential partner’s gender, age, and location. When you are shown your match list, save them to Favorites not to lose these contacts.

Contacting Other Members

There are two main ways to contact a user on this site: by sending a message or by sending a flirt. Both corresponding buttons are available under a user’s profile photo. Paying members can send a message and wait for a reply, or enter the instant chat if any of their matches are online now. Flirts are available for everybody, but users can’t find out who has flirted with them.

How Does Chatting Work

The chat room on Love and Seek is very basic but, at the same time, convenient. As said, only paying members can participate in it. Additionally, they can send audio and video messages to those they really like.

If you don’t know how to start a conversation, you will find the site’s message ideas useful. These are ready-to-go questions sent automatically to any user who wants to contact you.

Is LoveAndSeek Secure?

No verification process at all might seem like a red flag to extra cautious users. On the other hand, some sites make verification too easy for any scam to break through. But these services keep bragging that all their verified users are real people. Unfortunately, people buy that and join the most questionable sites.

LoveAndSeek is nothing like those platforms, as it doesn’t give you empty promises. Instead, they hide profiles without photos. It is possible to undergo the LoveAndSeek login stage without uploading a picture of yourself. But in such a case, you can browse the site, but no one will be able to see you. This minimizes the number of inactive accounts and scares scammers away.

Site’s Privacy Policy

The security and privacy policy are clearly described on their homepage. Read it before joining and make sure it meets all current regulations.

Are There Many Fake Profiles?

Whatever online dating service you choose to visit, you can’t be fully protected from scammers who are not who they say they are. The difference between sites lies in the percentage of fake profiles. As compared to others, LoveAndSeek has a smaller number of fakes in their database. Besides, scammers usually use free accounts to try and get the advantage of those who are desperate for love. Here, connecting with others is next to impossible without upgrading. Paying for a subscription means one has to provide their credentials to the site, which, in turn, is a kind of verification itself.

How Does Moderation Work?

An experienced online dating site user will tell a fake profile from a real one in a matter of minutes. The problem is that the audience is not that tempted on LoveAndSeek. They come here with a sincere desire to find a soulmate, and, probably, this is one of their first tries online. You are most likely one of them. And if you feel insecure, and worry that the person you are chatting with is not honest, report them to the Team by hitting a corresponding button in their profile. The user’s authenticity will be double-checked. In the case of failure, the profile will be permanently deleted.

Support Team

Support Team

It is very easy to contact the LoveAndSeek Support team, and you don’t even need to be a member to do that. Just open the ‘contact us’ section at the bottom of the home page. At first, you will be suggested to choose one of the frequently asked questions. There, you will find in-depth solutions to most technical or billing issues.

If there is still nothing for you in the quick list, search your questions in seven categories connected to each aspect of the site’s work. And even if there is still no answer, don’t give up just yet. Write your question in the following field. It shouldn’t take over 3,500 characters. In addition to this question, submit the chosen category, your email address, and phone number. The team is very responsive and answers all questions as soon as possible. It never takes them more than 48 hours.

Alternatively, you can call Customer Care 7 am – 7 pm, CT, and have your question answered immediately. Mind that they only work Monday to Saturday. The phone number is available in LoveAndSeek FAQ’s section we’ve described above.

LoveAndSeek Website Usability

The interface of the Love and Seek dating site is minimalistic and very easy to comprehend. The upper bar can bring you Home or to your Inbox, Search engine, match list, and settings. There are no super cryptic icons or complex navigation. Every action is simple and takes a few clicks.

The design might be considered outdated. Plus, it drastically reminds good old social media. We don’t expect (and wouldn’t approve) a variety of bold colors, but something classy and more authentic would do. This might be a matter of taste, of course. Besides, we must credit the team for minding their target audience’s values. There is nothing that can upset or concern single Christian people who come here. Everything is decent and agreeable.

At the very bottom of your page, you can access the site’s Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookie, Policy, Help, Success Stories, and Safety Tips. You can open the mobile version of the site from there, too.

Assessing LoveAndSeek App

If you are a fan of mobile devices, can’t access your laptop often, or simply don’t have it, you would like your favorite dating site to have an app. The fact that this site has it is often a valuable argument for those who decide to undergo the love and seek login process. Unfortunately, most users get disappointed with it. They choose the site’s mobile version instead or simply stick to the desktop one. Why? Because the app takes quite a lot of storage — over 80 Mb. Plus, it doesn’t work too well. It’s inconvenient and not often refreshed. Indeed, the app is not the strongest of LoveAndSeek suits.

Membership Offers: What’s Best for You

Membership Offers: What’s Best for You?

LoveAndSeek has a free and paid membership. And the only type of paid subscription is Premium. So, in a nutshell, you can have either all or nothing, because non-paying users remind humble visitors who can observe but can’t make connections.

LoveAndSeek Free Version

A free user can’t use most communication tools on this platform. In fact, there is no way for them to interact with single Christian women or men, except for sending flirts or adding them to Favorites. But these actions are mainly aimed at networking before you upgrade, rather than communication in the full sense.

Don’t take underlining that it is free to create an account as a joke! It is not always like that on other platforms. In fact, this tells about the site’s reliability. Giving newcomers a chance to look around without committing to the service is worth a lot.

A premium user literally gets everything. There is no need to pay extra for some features or choose between Gold, Premium, Platinum, and Super Plus subscriptions. People come to LoveAndSeek to find a spouse among single Christian women or men here. Yes, they would like this online experience to be exciting, fun, and smooth. But it is not a promiscuous interaction game like those other sites suggest. So, a single subscription plan — clear and complete — is all these users need. Paying members can read and answer messages, see who viewed their profiles and added them to Favorites, can use instant chat, send audios and videos, and have their accounts highlighted.

LoveAndSeek Pricing: Subscription Plans

The one thing you still have to choose is the subscription duration. One month of premium membership will cost you 16.99 USD. A three-month plan is 36.97 USD. And half a year will be 53.94 USD. The price per month is cut almost by two, so buying a longer package is a good idea. After all, searching for a life partner and getting to know each other before you can meet for real takes time.

How to Cancel LoveAndSeek Subscription and Delete Your Account

It is possible to cancel your subscription of LoveAndSeek with no effort. But you should understand that no refunds are given to this site’ members. So, if you decide to cancel before your subscription period runs out, you will get nothing back for the time that has left. Instead, you will be welcomed to use all the features until it ends. And THEN, your subscription will be canceled. A lot of people are blessed to find their soulmate here, and often it happens before their membership ends. If this is the case with you, use the time you’ve paid for to share this wonderful news with all the good friends you’ve met here.

After that, you may even delete your account forever. All you have to do is follow the instructions on your Settings page.

Final Word on LoveAndSeek

Final Word on LoveAndSeek

Summarizing our review, we should point out that LoveAndSeek has its pros and cons for sure. On the one hand, it features quick registration, intuitive navigation, and a lot of active users. On the other, its security measures might not seem enough, and it is totally unsuitable for Christians who want to seek happiness overseas.

We wouldn’t probably recommend this service so strongly if this was a casual dating site. Today, too many people rely on their smartphones to date online, and certain technical difficulties arise when one uses its mobile application. But we understand that LoveAndSeek is an exception. It’s not about finding a quick hookup in a handy app. It’s about love and loyalty, faith, and family values. It still would be nice if the company developed the app, though. Some inevitable downsides aside, LoveAndSeek makes a great Christian dating service that is surely worth the trust of its target audience.

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