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SilverSingles Review: The Ultimate Experience for Mature Singles

SilverSingles Review: The Ultimate Experience for Mature Singles
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 68%
Popular Age 40-65
Profiles 675 000
Reply Rate 72%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • An exclusive database of 50+ singles from the US, Canada, and several other countries.
  • Senior user-friendly interface and attractive design.
  • Detailed and engaging profiles.
  • Personality questionnaire and compatibility-based matching system.
  • Available on the website and the official mobile app.
  • Free users cannot send messages or see profile pictures of their matches.
  • No search function or possibility to filter matches by location.
  • Occasional reports about fake or scam profiles from SilverSingles reviews.
  • Complicated automatic renewal of the paid subscription.
  • Few matches for international Silver Singles.

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Have you ever heard of SilverSingles? Today, the online dating scene welcomes people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. A website that offers mature dating opportunities for people of more advanced age is as relevant as ever, and this is just what SilverSingles is. The platform caters specifically to the audience of men and women over 50 who are looking for another chance at love or simply want to find a like-minded friend. Numerous SilverSingles reviews state that SilverSingles is one of the best dating sites for seniors on the market. In this review, you will discover all the details about the service, how it works, and what makes it one of the best over 50 dating sites out there.

Members of the Website: Meet Silver Singles

SilverSingles is a slow-paced platform that focuses on the interests and experiences of mature singles. Men and women over 50 from across the US and several more countries make up the majority of SilverSingles, which makes it a great exclusive website for mature and senior dating. As a result, singles on SilverSingles have the golden opportunity to start a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with someone who shares their age, life experiences, and romantic goals.

A Platform for Senior Dating Exclusively

There is no need to search for a platform that would offer a more comfortable online dating experience for seniors. Although most dating websites are inclusive of older age, they cannot provide the same comfort for senior singles as dating sites over 50. Since 2002, SilverSingles boasts a solid reputation in the internet community’s eyes as one of the best dating sites for seniors. On this website, members are exclusively 50 years old and more, and they are most probably looking for a match within their age range.

Quality International Dating for Seniors

Quality International Dating for Seniors

SilverSingles is available worldwide, although the majority of its users are based in the US. Other countries are Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, people from countries all over the world can register on SilverSingles. The service’s admirable goal is to give senior singles a chance to find love wherever they are.

Ethnic Diversity of SilverSingles

SilverSingles recognizes and celebrates the ethnic diversity of the senior dating scene. It aims to provide equal chances of finding a love match for people from different ethnic backgrounds. You can meet singles of a specific ethnicity or with no preference in this criterium at all. After the sign-up, when answering the questionnaire, simply state your views on your preferred partner’s ethnicity and how important it is to you.

Exclusive for Men and Women Over 50

Age should never be an obstacle to finding true love. SilverSingles serves a simple goal – to provide older singles with a chance to experience the comfort of a relationship again. For this purpose, the platform caters specifically to the audience of men and women over 50. That is not to say that mature singles a few years younger cannot join the community. Still, every feature on SilverSingles is designed with consideration for mature and senior individuals’ interests and experiences, which makes this website easily a favorite choice for senior dating.

Gender Composition of SilverSingles Members

Most online dating websites typically have more male profiles than female profiles. However, this is not the case with SilverSingles. The members of this senior dating platform are around 60% women. As a result, men over 50 have greater opportunities to find a perfect match, while women over 50 do not feel overwhelmed by all the male attention.

Equal Mature Dating Opportunities for Straight and LGBTQ+ Singles

SilverSingles goes hand in hand with the times and realizes the importance of providing mature dating opportunities for seniors with different sexual preferences and orientations. On this website, senior singles can state who they are looking for at the beginning of the registration process.

Registering an Account on SilverSingles: A Swift Process

It takes under five minutes to complete the first step of a sign-up on SilverSingles, and here is how you do it. Go to the Silversingles.com home page with the quick sign-up window. First, you need to state whether you are a man or a woman and choose the preferred gender of a match you are looking for. Next, you need to provide your email address and create a strong password for your future SilverSingles login. Finally, the website will ask you to prove that you are not a robot, which you can do with a single click. Just like that, you are officially registered as a SilverSingles member and almost ready to start your silver dating experience.

The next step of the sign-up process is the questionnaire. SilverSingles uses this tool to collect comprehensive details about you as a person. New users can take their time to answer questions about their personality, views, likes and dislikes, as well as preferences in a dating partner. The process takes around 15 minutes, and SilverSingles recommends sitting back and giving your answers honestly and without a hurry. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the SilverSingles matching system will suggest the most compatible profiles according to your preferences.

Details You Need to Share to Start Silver Dating

Registering an Account on SilverSingles: A Swift Process

SilverSingles does not ask you to provide any sensitive information upon sign-up. Apart from an email address, the website asks its new users to provide additional information in a questionnaire. This includes gender, age, city, occupation, education, income, religion, and several other details regarding interests and preferences in dating partners. You can change most of this information later in your profile, but it will allow the SilverSingles matching algorithm to offer you new matches right away.

How to Confirm Your SilverSingles Registration

After you have filled in all the details needed for sign-up on SilverSingles, you do not need to authenticate your email address or verify your account with any codes. New users on Silversingles.com need to go through a CAPTCHA verification to prove that they are not a robot.

Quick Approval for New Silver Singles

On SilverSingles, new users do not need to wait for their profiles to be approved. Simply register with a working email address and complete a questionnaire – and you are all set to start browsing and communicating with your matches.

Managing a SilverSingles Account

A SilverSingles account has several important features. You can edit your personal information, set your matching preferences, manage your paid subscriptions, and choose which notifications the website can send you. To change any of these settings, you need to click on the account icon to the left of the top navigation bar and select My account. In the same menu, you can use features such as coaching and dating preferences. The first option is for members who do not feel confident with their SilverSingles profile and would like to get assistance in making it more appealing. The second section allows you to adjust the criteria for your perfect match. You can specify your wishes for their age and height, distance, and eagerness to have children.

Profile Options for Users of Silversingles.com

SilverSingles profiles are quite detailed and informative. The most important details are displayed under your profile picture. These are your name, age, occupation, and location. Silver Singles can also indicate their height, religion, education, ethnicity, language, and views on smoking. These are the details that other viewers will see on your profile first. SilverSingles strongly advises to upload a profile picture and a few photos to your album. This way, you increase the appeal of your profile for other Silver Singles. Apart from that, you can edit your hobbies in the Interests section by adding your favorite music, sports, and other activities. Finally, SilverSingles offers to answer random questions about you that will appear on your profile for other users to see. Try to answer as many questions as possible to allow other members to learn more about your personality.

How to Search for Matches on SilverSingles

Registering an Account on SilverSingles: A Swift Process

Unlike many other dating websites for seniors, SilverSingles does not offer a search option. Instead of searching for matches, you can browse through the profiles that SilverSingles’ matching system suggests. The matches selected for you are based exclusively on the answers you gave in the questionnaire or on your profile. You can find new SilverSingles matches every day in the Matches tab up in the navigation menu. Alternatively, you can visit the Have You Met? page where the website offers you even more opportunities to meet with Silver Singles. You can briefly view a member’s profile and like it or even send a message right away.

Standard Search Options for Silver Singles

Although you cannot search for matches on SilverSingles, you can still adjust the criteria for the matches that the website offers. To change your preferences, simply go to the Matches page and find your preferences listed on the left. You can review these preferences and change them at any time. Standard filters include age and height, desire to have children, distance, ethnicity, and religion.

Additional Search Filters for Determined Senior Dating Enthusiasts

If you want to narrow down your suggested list of matches even more, you can indicate your views on your preferred partner’s smoking and drinking habits. SilverSingles recommends not being too strict with your preferences; you can miss the opportunity to meet more possible matches.

Getting Your First SilverSingles Match

So you have set up a friendly profile and are ready to contact your first SilverSingles match. Simply go to your Matches page and start browsing through the suggested profiles. You can click the picture or name to visit the person’s profile and find out more details about them. There are several options to interact with a profile before you want to send them a message. For example, you can add the profile to Favorites or send a smile. Moreover, you can send an icebreaker for the other Silver single to answer some fun questions. Like this, you can show your interest in them and make your first steps in mature dating on SilverSingles.

Contacting a Match for Your Mature Dating Experience

Contacting your SilverSingles matches is an easy and fast process. You can do so directly from the Matches page or the person’s profile by clicking on the Send Message option. Although you should keep in mind that free members have limited access to the website’s matchmaking services for mature dating. Find out further in this review about the Premium membership on Silversingles.com and its cost.

Layout and Functions of the SilverSingles Chat

The interface of the Messages page on SilverSingles is simple and efficient, specifically designed for older singles. The chat offers only the most important elements for quality dating for seniors. One is your list of contacts where you can see all the people that you sent or received messages from. When you click on the person in this list, a message tab opens for you to see your conversation.

On SilverSingles, there are no video chat or audio call functions. You can only send text messages and use a limited collection of emojis. For the younger dating scene, this might seem like a drawback. However, for over 50 dating, such a simple interface aims to match the experiences of mature and older people. As a result, mature singles can easily and comfortably communicate with their matches without having to navigate amongst overly complicated functions.

Your Safety on Silversingles.com

Profile Options for Users of Silversingles.com

Nothing is as important as your online safety, even on one of the best dating sites for seniors. SilverSingles goes to great lengths to ensure your protection on the website with a combination of human moderation and the latest web security software. Additionally, the website offers tips on how to recognize a malicious account and meet online safely. Of course, even with the high level of technical security and moderation on SilverSingles, you should remember to keep your personal data safe from scammers. Never post your email or phone number in your profile and only share contact information with someone you trust.

How SilverSingles Keeps Your Information Safe

SilverSingles takes great care of its members’ privacy and the security of their information. The website uses several data protection methods, including SSL encryption, fraud detection software, and ID authentication. Moreover, a dedicated team of moderators is working diligently to review all profiles and prevent any fraudulent behavior on the website.

Silver Singles: Real People or Frauds?

As websites improve their safety measures, scammers also adapt and become more subtle. The majority of profiles on SilverSingles are genuine. These are actual Silver Singles looking for a love match. However, it is possible to come across a fraudulent account as well. Silversingles.com does not ask you to confirm your email address or verify your profile and pictures with a real-life ID. Therefore, people genuinely using the website for a senior dating experience should be careful communicating with matches that seem suspicious or “too good to be true.”

SilverSingles’ Policy Regarding Scammer Profiles

The website always alerts you if a profile you have been in contact with appears suspicious or fraudulent. SilverSingles immediately suspends such profiles, and they cannot contact you anymore. If you suspect that someone on the website is trying to deceive or scam you, you need to immediately report their profile to SilverSingles. You can do so on the Customer Care page linked in the bottom navigation menu. Alternatively, you can contact customer support via the email address this review mentions in the next section.

Customer Service on SilverSingles

You can find frequently addressed concerns from Silver Singles on the Customer Care page. However, if you need to raise a new issue, you can contact the support team on Silversingles.com through a Contact Us form or at support@silversingles.com.

Silversingles.com Design: Graceful and Practical

Silversingles.com Design: Graceful and Practical

As a website that focuses on the mature and senior dating scene, SilverSingles fully corresponds to older singles’ needs and capabilities. The interface is simple and practical. All elements are well-balanced, leaving a lot of white space. The color coordination is muted but tasteful, and the fonts allow easy and smooth navigation of content for the users.

Mobile App: Meet Silver Singles at Any Time

There is an official mobile application for Silver Singles who would like to stay in touch with their matches at all times. You can use the app on Android and iPhone alike. The app offers the same functions of dating for seniors as the website. The interface is equally simple and efficient in use. However, with the SilverSingles mature dating app, you can use some additional options. For example, unlike on the website, you can use the Open Search function to find more interesting profiles to interact with. Additionally, you can import pictures directly from your Facebook account.

Choose Your Silver Dating Membership Type

SilverSingles offers two types of membership: free basic membership with limited contact options and paid Premium membership with full access to the website’s features for mature dating. Find out full information about both membership options further below.

How to Use Silversingles.com for Free

Free members can access certain features on the SilverSingles website. You can complete the questionnaire test and fill out your profile for free. You can also browse through your matches, add them to favorites, and even interact with them. For example, you can send a smile or send them an icebreaker question for free. Alternatively, you can like their pictures and facts on their profile, which serves as a good conversation opener.

Premium Mature Dating Experience

Many SilverSingles reviews confirm that a Premium Membership on SilverSingles is essential for a quality senior dating experience on the website. It gives you unlimited access to messaging options and allows you to see your matches’ pictures. Premium users can also see who visited their profile and leave comments on other people’s profiles. Finally, as a Premium member, you can view your personality test results in detail and get match suggestions more frequently.

SilverSingles Premium Membership Plans and Their Cost

Membership plan Price
Premium Light (3 months) $17.95 per month (a total of $53.85)
Premium Classic (6 months) $9.95 per month (a total of $59.70)
Premium Comfort (12 months) $8.95 per month (a total of $107.40)

Terminating a SilverSingles Premium Membership and Removing Your Account

Terminating a SilverSingles Premium Membership and Removing Your Account

So you are lucky to have found the best match, and you are ready to start building your life together offline. Alternatively, you might be finding your senior dating experiences on SilverSingles unsatisfactory. In any case, you can cancel your SilverSingles subscription and delete your profile permanently. To do so, visit the Membership section on your account page and select the Cancel option. SilverSingles will send you an email to confirm your decision. To stop providing support to SilverSingles mature dating app, you need to disable the automatic renewal of your subscription in your Google Play or Apple App Store account.

To permanently delete your account, you need to make sure that your paid subscription is canceled, and its automatic renewal is disabled. Then you can terminate your profile on your account page with a few simple clicks


Senior dating sites are gaining popularity as more men and women over 50 turn to online platforms to find another chance for love. SilverSingles is not the only over 50 dating website, but it is undoubtedly one of the best options available. Available in the US and internationally, the brand offers a simple but chic, user-friendly website and app for quality mature dating. If you are a hopeful 50+ single and you want to find a perfect partner for life, you should definitely contact one of the interesting profiles on SilverSingles today.

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