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Tastebuds Review: Find Your Match Who Loves Good Music

Tastebuds Review: Find Your Match Who Loves Good Music
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 1 455 000
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a matching dating platform for singles who enjoy listening to good music
  • The process of registration is simple and pretty fast
  • The website has a safe verification system that keeps your data protected
  • You can participate in group discussions where you can speak to people in real-time
  • You will not have to deal with fake accounts
  • A mobile app is available on iTunes only
  • The app does not support Android mobile devices
  • The site matches you with people only within your mentioned vicinity
  • Many features are fee-based
  • The gap between genders is big

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Tastebuds is a popular and reliable online dating platform, based in the capital of Great Britain, London. The year of its creation is 2010. You should read the following Taste Buds Review in order to find out how to meet new people here. This website is efficient in matching single men and women with their potential partners who share similar tastes in good music. It is more than a simple online space to meet new people; it is the place to find real friends and soulmates. By using this up-to-date music chat, you will learn a lot about music trends in different countries. You should be open to discovering a lot of old-school or modern genres. You will love your new playlist. It is a very clever approach of the tastebuds dating website to use music as a special invisible bridge between people. Most dating platforms focus on physical features, personal characteristics, flirt, and eye-catching photos or videos. This site will generate potential matches according to your mentioned music tastes and preference. You should decide what you look for here: long-term love relationships or a circle of like-minded friends. Anyways, you will enjoy conversations about your favorite music, singers, bangs, etc. Obviously, it is the best musician dating site you have ever seen before.

Audience Structure

Audience Structure

Tastebuds focuses on people of all age groups, sexual orientations, and races. The only condition is love for music and communication with like-minded people. You will meet a lot of creative men and women with excellent taste for good music. It is the right place to find love, friendship, buddies to go to various concerts, or an expert who will introduce you to a new music style or singers you have never heard before. Tastebuds will make everything possible to protect your data from fake accounts. You will have an enjoyable dating experience on this platform, regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, race, or location.

Is There Any Specification?

This dating site for nerds attracts the attention of people who love music. You will also meet people who like art in all its forms. It is a friendly platform to meet young professional musicians. You can exchange your experience and even create a band. So, you can call Tastebuds to be niche-based, focusing on good music.

Geographical Structure

The Taste Buds website has around 101,700 users from the United States of America. The entire members’ database includes more than 500,000 people around the world. Most members are quite active. There are more than 70,000 logins per week.

Geographical Structure

Ethnic Structure

Music has no borders. That is why Tastebuds welcomes people of all ethnic groups and countries. The target audience is diverse, and it makes this platform special.

Age Structure

It is not allowed to use the services of this music dating site if a member is under 18 years old. The website requires such age checks specifically to get you full access to the set of dating features. After opening a new account, you will see that the most common age category is between 20-35 years old. It is popular among young male and female users.

Gender Structure

Let’s see the proportion of male and female users on the tastebuds.fm. There are more men on this platform. However, you should not get upset because all the female users are active and log in regularly. You will find your match easily.

Sexual Orientation

Tastebuds welcomes people with traditional and non-traditional sexual orientations. You just have to mention this information in your dating profile to let people know what to expect.

Getting started: Tastebuds Sign Up

Getting started: Tastebuds Sign Up

The registration process on the Tastebuds is easy and fast. All new members are allowed to sign up by linking their Facebook account. Every user has to fulfill the section called “City,” which is mandatory to sign up to the site. You have the right to use nerd dating sites only if you are 18 years old or above. You should complete your dating profile if you want to find a lot of matching people.

Information You’ll Have to Provide

Once you have opened a new account and logged in to the Tastebuds website, it is time to create and complete your profile. You should provide detailed information about your personality and life. You have to add a profile image with your clear face on it. The next step is to select all the musicians, bands you love and enjoy listening to when you are in the right mood. The website uses this information to match you to the right singles. If you fulfilled all the sections, you could see the tab stating 100% rate or your completed profile on the top right side of your screen. If you reach this level, you increase your chances of finding perfect matches. Note that this step is not obligatory. You can edit or update your profile later when you have free time and inspiration. As for your photo content, there is no limit to your gallery.

Verification Process

You should know that the moderators on Tastebuds do their best to protect the privacy of all new members. They have access to all users’ accounts to ensure that they belong to real people, not to fraudsters or scammers. It is a vast amount of work because the number of users is huge. The site checks all profiles for their photo content. If a person does not provide a photo with his or her clear face, it gets removed. Tastebuds needs your assistance to identify fake accounts.

Time it Takes to Get Approved

The entire registration and verification process on the Tastebuds platform is quite fast and intuitive. It will not take more than a few minutes to accomplish it.

Time it Takes to Get Approved

Tastebuds Account

There is no payment for creating or viewing the members’ pages. You have to spend a bit of your free time and complete your dating profile on Tastebuds. By doing this, you boost your chances of finding perfect matches. What are taste buds? It is a common question all new members ask. It is a music-related dating service, so you should mention the main bands, artists, and singers you listen to regularly. If you have purchased a paid subscription plan, you have the right to view members’ accounts anonymously. Unfortunately, there are plenty of irresponsible users who refuse to make their account profiles detailed enough. If you are busy right now, you can change your account information later. You should choose your images carefully because they are visible to all the dating community.

Tastebuds Profile Structure

If you have serious intentions to find new friends or dates on this dating platform, you have to complete your profile. The website asks you to mention your favorite artists, musicians, and bands. Also, you have to write a few words about yourself and your lifestyle. Do not forget to add your profile cover image and other eye-catching photos. You can use an additional section called “Facts About Me.” Note that you can edit or update your profile information anytime.

Every member of the tastebuds dating app can access free search tools. You get access to plenty of useful filters. You can find like-minded single men and women, specifying their desired age category, gender, place of living, and, of course, their music tastes.

Basic Search Features

Every standard member has the right to use basic search features, which require zero payment. If you want to make your search results more precise, you have to use the additional search filters. When you get the search results, you can view profiles with photos to find the matching friends or partners.

Advanced Search Features

Tastebuds does not have advanced search features. Every free user can use a full set of search options, which help achieve excellent results. You should use the manual search with specific filters. You just have to set the priorities and your partner’s criteria and follow them.

Advanced Search Features

Matching Process

As soon as you have completed the registration process and created your dating profile, it is the right time to start the matching. There are three ways you can choose from to find the right people. You have to press either “People,” “Message Bomb,” or “Get Lucky” tabs to know who your potential matches are.

Getting in Touch

This music matching app has an excellent option called “Message Bomb.” It gives you the right to send private messages to eight different matches free of charge. If you want to have access to messaging options, you have to buy a premium subscription plan. If you use Tastebuds on a desktop computer, you can’t access the chatroom. Note that you can use the “Message Bomb” option only once per day. After pressing on the “Get Lucky” tab, the website will lead you to your matches’ list of profiles. If you want to stay notified about all incoming messages or other activities, you should use a mobile app.

Chat Features and Interface

Tastebuds offers chat features only in its app. You will meet many people online who are open to a fun conversation related to music and dating. Inside the chatroom, you can send and receive as many free private messages as you want. It is the best option if you do not want to wait untill a person replies to your private message. Everything happens live. The user-interface of the chatroom is intuitive. You have all the needed tabs for your comfort.

Is Tastebuds Safe

Is Tastebuds Safe?

It is a 100% legit dating website. It appeared on the market in 2010. So, people trust such a dating service fully. Tastebuds checks all newly added information to the website. The team takes serious actions to make its clients feel safe and protected. The best way to identify whether the owner of an account is a real person is to read all the sections.

Data Privacy and Protection

If a moderator did not notice a potentially fake account with inappropriate content, you should report this user immediately. The website allows you to block suspicious accounts.

Are There Many Scam Profiles?

This online dating space is not overloaded with fake accounts and scammers. Thanks to the devoted team of admins and moderators, it is a safe place to look for like-minded people.

How does the Tastebuds deal with scam profiles

Tastebuds always protects and moderates new and current accounts. You can be sure that your security is protected. Moderators check all the members’ accounts, information, and photos in profiles, messaging features, and investigate fraudulent acts.


If you have some technical or security issues, you can get in contact with Tastebuds.

The phone number is +44 7770 892146.

You can forward your letter to their official email to hello@tastebuds.fm.

If you prefer a physical address, use the following: Tastebuds Media Ltd., 33 Inkerman Road, Kentish Town, NW5 3BT, London, UK.

Website Usability

Website Usability

The general impression of the Tastebuds design is average. It looks similar to popular social media networks. The only difference is that you can see a lot of icons that are related to music. The speed of web page loading is quite fast and bugs-free. If you test all the main functions, they are intuitive to navigate. Some members complain about plain and outdated web design. If you feel the same, you can send your suggestion to the customer support and express your vision on improving the web design.

Is There is a Tastebuds App Available?

A mobile Tastebuds app is excellent. It is easy to navigate and has eye-catching graphic elements. If you install the app, you can enjoy the communication in a chatroom, which is not available in the desktop version. You can receive and send messages within the chat free of charge. The application is available to Apple mobile devices only. So, you can download it on iTunes free of charge. By the way, it is possible to link your newly installed application to your own iPhone music collection and Spotify. The app is more efficient than the desktop version because it allows you to sync the needed songs directly to your iPhone account.

This nerd dating app allows you to look for potential matches by scanning the audio tracks in your iPhone music library. The app could be more user-friendly towards the members who use Android smartphones and tablets. Simultaneously, such dating apps for nerds and other entertaining staff motivate a lot of young people to purchase new Apple devices!

Membership Options

The best advantage of premium membership is that you can send and receive an unlimited number of private messages from free and paying members. Your website dashboard is free from all the ads. You have the right to use the platform in the anonymous mode and view profiles without being noticed.

The website offers one membership option but in three different duration periods. If you choose a subscription plan for three months, you get around a 33% price reduction. As for the 6-month duration, you can save around 50%.

You can pay for your premium subscription plan using one of the following payment options: any credit or debit card and PayPal.

Membership Options

Tastebuds Free Version

Being a free member, you can register on the website. Users can create new profiles. You get access to essential matching and searching tools. A standard user gets access to numerous open group discussions. You can also use the standard features free of charge.

Premium Features

Tastebuds offers the following premium features:

  • Soapbox

You should use this feature to explore numerous Tastebuds group discussions and music-related threads. This section has a lot of extra sub-categories. So, you will get a vast choice to choose the most interesting conversation. It is clear that the majority of categories is about popular or rare songs and music bands. However, you can find exciting categories where users prefer to talk about traveling, dating, and other aspects of life. You should know that everybody has the right to launch a new thread and encourage many people to express their point of view.

  • Questions

The creator of the Tastebuds website wanted to entertain its clients. This feature will not let you feel bored while using the platform. You should visit the webpage called “Questions” and give the answers to various random questions. If you have a bit of time while waiting for something or someone, use this engaging feature to let the time pass faster.

  • Bored?

If you feel bored and can’t find fun entertainment for yourself, you should check out this feature. You have the chance to transform into a real private investigator. You know that the admins do their best to protect the privacy of all registered members. They have access to all users’ accounts to ensure that they belong to real people and not scammers. It is a vast amount of work because the number of users is vast. Tastebuds needs your assistance to identify fake accounts. If you feel like helping and making the nerd dating sites 100% secure, you should find the “Bored?” tab (you will see it under the “More” menu). Your task is to check as many photos as possible and identify the ones that look non-legit. If you find an image that does not contain an owner’s face, you have to notify the moderator for further investigation.

Tastebuds Pricing: Plans and Prices

Tastebuds offers the membership plan called “Backstage Pass.”

  • A one-month plan costs around $10.
  • A three-month program costs around $20 or $7 per month.
  • A six-month plan costs around $30 or $5 per month.

Obviously, if you compare the pricing policy of the Tastebuds platform with other dating services providers, it belongs to an average category.

Cancelling Tastebuds Subscription and Deleting Profile

Cancelling Tastebuds Subscription and Deleting Profile

How to cancel your paid subscription on the Tastebuds website?

You have to go to the “Settings” menu and choose “Account.” Now, you can access the “Backstage Pass” tab. It is where you can find the option to cancel your current paid subscription plan. You just have to press the button to stop the auto-renewal of your subscription. You can still use the premium features until the end of your billing period.

How can users deactivate their Tastebuds dating account?

You have to go to the “Settings” menu and find the tab called “Account.” You must press the “Deactivate your account” option. By doing this, you hide your information and profile from other members. Your profile will not appear in the matching or search results anymore. However, Tastebuds allows its clients to reactivate their profiles and continue dating later.


Tastebuds is the right dating platform if you are a music lover. It is a safe and simply perfect online space where you can meet plenty of singles from all around the world. You should search not only for love matches. You can find good friends here as well. It is so simple to find people who share the same taste for music. You should try this safe and fun dating platform to meet plenty of singles for love or friendship. Tastebuds worth your time and a little money investment.

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